Garden Gnomes FAQ

So why Gnomes?

Our miniature unicorn business had trouble collateralizing our debt obligations and flipping them on the open markets so we had to move on.

Who designs these things?

We have a kick-ass team of designers all across the world who work in partnership with us.  We come up with the concept - they make it look pretty.

I'm cheap and don't want to pay shipping.  Help me.

You're in luck (if you live in or around Seattle).  You can find all of our products exclusively at Max and Quinn's Atomic Boys in West Seattle.

The Gnome I want says it's unavailable, what gives?

Sometimes we run out of little guys that are ready to be adopted.  Gnomes are an interesting bunch, give them enough time and they'll pop up.

My Gnome broke in the mail!

You murderer!  Just kidding.  Stuff happens.  Please send us a message at our contact page and tell us what happened.  

I want to make a return

Check out our return page for the necessary information.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Of course -- we're adding that functionality soon but in the meantime just email me the products you're interested in and I can send you a PayPal invoice for the amount.

Can you ship International?

Yes, we can.  It's a little tricky because our processor doesn't like foreign credit cards but through a combination of PayPal and international shipping we can do it.  Use the contact form for more information.

Your site is broken

Again?  Just kidding.  But seriosly, sometimes things break.  If something isn't working properly or you even just have a suggestion for how we can improve thigns please, do share.  Use the contact form and let us know!  We might even reward you with some cool Garden Gnome swag.