Even MORE Gnomes added to our store!

Why hello hello hello there. I am more than happy to announce the arrival of even more new Garden Gnomes for sale!  The Gnomes we had were awesome in their own right, but they also longed for companionship, especially our Battle Gnomes.  Well no longer -- their friends have arrived.

First up we have Erlin, our hammer happy Battle Gnome.  Garden pests, annoying co-workers, and any other neighborhood nuisances better watch out.


Next up is our peaceful watering Garden Gnome.  He's not a troublemaker like Erlin.  He's much more likely to stay in and hang out with his gnomies on the weekends.  It doesn't mean we don't still love him though.


While we're on the peaceful kick here's THE Gnome.  He's the man, errr gnome, really. Just look at how happy and relaxed he is!  He clocks in at a lovely 10" tall.