New Traditional Garden Gnomes Arrival

Hello loyal Gnomies -- Jeff here with an important update on what we've been doing these past weeks.  We've just finished adding a nice selection of more traditional Garden Gnomes to our store.  Although we continue to push the envelope on Garden Gnomes and Garden Gnome technology we realize that some of you out there just love those traditional Gnomes.  So, without much further ado let me present some of the newest additions to our store. 

Flute GnomeWe've got this lovely little flute playing Garden Gnome for all of you musical types.Wheelbarrow Gnome

Not to be outdone with the musical types we also have our happy little wheelbarrow Garden Gnome.

Lantern GnomeAnd should any of you perpetually get lost trying to find your way home, we have our glorious little lantern holding Garden Gnome for your enjoyment.

Stay tuned because we more even more Garden Gnomes that will be added in the (very) near future!

Cheers Gnomies!