Store Temporarily Closed

Hello loyal Gnomeys! I am writing to let you know that our store temporarily closed while I embark on a small journey to India and SE Asia. During this time I have granted all of the Gnome and animal helpers some much needed rest and relaxation. I plan on using this brief break to re-focus our Gnome mission and plan to come back stronger than before. I will be traveling with my laptop, so I may be making some significant and insignificant updates to the site. I plan on upgrading the underlying architecture the system runs on, having more frequent updates, and just doing an all around more effective job running things. As many of you know is mostly a one-person shop, and a part time one at that. I plan on coming back refreshed, with new gnomes to bring to the store and a renewed energy to pursue the Gnome cause. Thanks again for all of your loyal support. -Jeff Swanson President